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Outfitting the Chain Saw and Heavy Equipment Crew

I am the Program Development Director for Motor City Blight Busters, a 28 year of Non Profit in Detroit and I'm also the Heavy Equipment Trainer for Team Rubicon USA. in Region 5.

We recently received some seed money to start employing military veterans in the community to clear several blocks of dead and invasive trees, overgrowth and non structural debris (blight) in Detroit. We support larger volunteer groups throughout the year, and are preparing to partner with some national partners, some of which I am a member and have deployed with, including Team Rubicon, where I am a Heavy Equipment Certified Trainer. 

This upcoming May, we will have a very large scale exercise, partnering with Team Rubicon. It will be a national event on the property in the Brightmoor neighborhood that Motor City Blight Busters currently has the contract to clear from the City of Detroit. 

This will be a large scale training opportunity for Team Rubicon members in chainsaw and heavy equipment, taking blight out of Detroit. There will be a projected number of 150-200 volunteers flooding to the area, getting ready to prove that our model for blight removal works.

We want you to partner with Motor City Blight Busters, and help us prepare for this exercise. Recently, we purchased a 2007 RAM 3500 to haul our crews and equipment to do our work and support our programs. We are looking to have the truck fully ready by May, and would appreciate any support or considerations you or your company can provide. We have a few needs still, totaling $5,000. I can provide the list of the items, like a winch, etc, upon request. 

Thank you for considering supporting Motor City Blight Busters for this venture, and I hope that you will consider coming out to see us in action in May when the madness commences with Team Rubicon and Motor City Blight Busters clearing blight from Detroit's neighborhoods!

Gordon Soderberg
Program Development Director
Motor City Blight Busters

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