Veterans Green Villages

Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.

  1. The Veteran's Green Bus funding goals 2021.

    Our goal is to get veterans outdoors and trained to use sustainable solution this Spring. Ideally, our program will have three years of operational funds in place before we start.

    25k first year start up and operational and green energy installation costs and insurance.

    10k second year insurance and maintenance.

    5k insurance operational costs and maintenance.

    Self funded by year three.

    The result will be veterans knowing how to make green fuel and electrical power to enjoy the outdoors for as long as they want to.

    How you can help sponsor The Veterans Green Bus
    Core Operational Capabilities?

    Our bus will be used to demonstrate sustainable energy solutions to fuel transportation and remote power generation for their camp.

    We will use national park tours and community service projects to train for disaster responses.

    The bus will be used forward operating base during these deployments.

    Individuals, businesses and partnering nonprofit organizations can participate helping build on our core service operations and training programs through donations of money, time and I kind contributions.

    Key investments in green technologies, safety and maintenance needed in short and long term investments to sustain the program from pilot to self sustaining and self funding.

    Solar panels x10
    300 watts each
    (Soon) $5,000

    Lithium batteries
    X6 Two D8 semi truck
    Four deep cycle.
    (Now) $2,750

    Seed oil tanks pumps and filtering equipment
    ASAP $6,000

    Tires x 8 11.5x22 r Michelin
    (Now) safety reasons) $4,000

    (near future 20k miles) $3,250

    Clutch or conversion to automatic (long term) $2,500
    (rebuilt Allison HT 747 transmission purchased with the bus)

    Engine servicing (long term) ?

    Insurance $4,000-6k per year depending on use and type of events

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