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Biofuel R & D

This group will document how to convert Diesel engines and properly press and filter seed oils to make biofuels from farms or restaurants.

The Veterans Green Bus will demonstrate the potentials for seed oil to fuel heavy transportation and generate electrical power for remote locations.

The Veterans Green Bus will demonstrate the potentials for seed oil to fuel heavy transportation and generate electrical power for remote locations.

Types of demonstrations; Disaster responses, community service and education projects recycling used cooking oil and prevent used cooking oils.

Scale: 5 gallon buckets with lids to small organizations that fry food for their members.

Then recruit restaurants and farmers with seed crops. provide larger tanks for collection.

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Once we have established our pick up program we will expand to include restauarants that need to have their grease bins punped out. 

This is to test our quipment, training. marleting, and logistics for collecting and filtering grease for fuel, understand the demnds for power to filer it, comsumption rates of different forms of transportation and power generation and requirements of servicing the equipment.

The filtering process will firts be done at The Veterans Green village where different methods of filetering will be tested while developing kinetic and passive systems to deploy as prefilers and as part of complete systems for use in remore areas under disaster response conditions. 

Untimately, we will develop products for sale to grease render haulers and restaurant chains to inprove the quality of bulk grease in the larger biofuels market. 

This group will also take part in converting diverse types vehicles and power equipment to use cooking as fuel. 

This process when completed will create teams of veterans capable of deploying fleets of vehicles and equiment to disaster zones and fuel them from the closed restaurants and the volunteers kitchens in the area. 

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building a biodiesel coop. Every drop in a 5 gallon bucket or a 500 gallon tank counts.…Continue

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Comment by Gordon Soderberg on July 16, 2021 at 10:39am

The evolution of the bio diesel industry has matured over the e last 20 years.  From alternative energy science labs and barn yard stills to fueling the US Navy and entire fleets of garbage trucks on remote Islands. 

What markets have taken advantage of and overlooked in terms of applying the benefits of sustainable fuel in this green rush has been the farmer. They still need to buy their fuel from the industry that uses thei raw materials produced by the farmers to make the fuel. 

The sad truth is the science has always been there for farmers to fuel their equipment themselves. Rudolph Diesel didn’t invent the fuel he used . He invented the engine and used cellulose based oils.  Plant Fuel! Seeds and Peanuts.

Ford used hemp to make ethanol and biodiesel. He used the hemp resins to make bio plastics.

Markets demanded that the laws be changed 100 years ago that scuttled bio fuels at the sane tine it invested in oil and gas industries that have now polluted the planet that cause global warming. 

We will learn from these mistakes or die. But not from the ignorance. the knowledge to save ourselves is known the question is there the will to use it. 

Comment by Gordon Soderberg on October 31, 2020 at 5:23pm

Biodiesel from new and used seed oils can fuel fleets of trucks farming equipment generators, etc,

By combining coop hemp farm processing and Bio fuel production would be a force multiplier!


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