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Non profit 501c3

We welcome veteran service and community organisations, private and corporate partners to join our board of directors. 

Location: 17300 Burgess Street Detroit Mi 48219
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Latest Activity: Jan 28, 2021

PlantPropulsion, Inc Board Members:

Chairmen Michael Cassetta 

President / COO Gordon Soderberg

Treasure / CFO Terry Sheller 

Secretary/ CLO 

Advisory Board Members:


The Veterans Green Bus, Villages, Farms 

Technical Training & Business Development 

Program Partnerships Research & Development 

Training Programs, Service Projects, Retreats, National Tours 

Member Development 

Post Hurricane Katrina and Rita Buras Louisiana.

This Home was under 20ft of water twice in two months.

After removing the furniture and personal effects came the job of emptying the contents of the refrigerator and freezer and dumping the flood water.

As a board member you will never be asked to do this job.

You are being tasked to support those that are willing to do this job and many other hard tasks that it takes for a community to recover from natural disasters.

You won’t be asked to risk your life to help a person you have never met.

You are being asked to support veterans access to the safety training and tools needed to continue doing dangerous work safely.

You won’t be asked to collect used cooking oil from restaurants and turn it into fuel for the Veterans Green Bus. 

You are being invited to help them demonstrate how biofuels and solar can be used to support disaster responses and rebuilding efforts.

You won’t be given a heavy load or the responsibility to take a old log cabin apart to save the names carved in the and building and replica in its place, by hand, at 9,000 foot elevation 60 miles from the nearest town with 4 other inexperienced veterans.

You are joining a team that has the experience of building in remote conditions with a record of always delivering on time and under budget while exceeding expectations.

You are being tasked with helping us build a mobile training and demonstration platforms starting with The Veterans Green Bus and a home for the crews in Veterans Green Villages.

The veterans will be trained to build their own communities with shipping containers, recycled building materials and locally sourced green waist to produce sustainable biofuels and solar energy solutions to construct their homes, shops, barns warehouses training centers that establishes A Veterans Green Village. 

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Comment by Gordon Soderberg on January 28, 2021 at 8:06pm

RE: Support for Gordon Hughes Soderberg and Veterans Green Village To Whom it may concern:

It is with tremendous respect, admiration, and gratitude that I express my endorsement of Gordon Soderberg and his leadership for the Veterans Green Village and other initiatives that marshall critical resources towards improving the common good.

My collaborative work with a range of youth serving and community based organizations in Detroit has been strengthened by Gordon’s dedication and leadership. I offer this letter as a testament to the determination and drive that Gordon brings to his work and I urge you to give him every consideration as a partner.

I work for a national environmental organization, but my focus area is steeped in local partnerships on the local and regional level in and around Detroit, MI. In the years since meeting Gordon, he has consistently found opportunities to connect with our work and help us work through challenges that we’d be hard pressed to navigate on our own.

A centerpiece of my work has been a partnership effort to reactivate a long dormant campground in Detroit, the only one to exist in the entire city. Gordon, along with the resources of the Veterans Green Village, has matched our enthusiasm with his own deep well of energy and technical skill on numerous occasions. In each instance, he left an impression on our work that continues to advance our mission and improve the lives of Detroiters.

While I recognize that Gordon’s leadership and dedication goes beyond the scope of the Veterans Green Village, I hope that this brief letter will serve as a testament to the significant impact that Gordon has had on our work even while he serves and supports other organizations in his network. Gordon’s dedication, expertise, and drive multiplied our own commitment of time and resources and I have every confidence that he adds this to all of the other partners in his network. I encourage you to give firm and enthusiastic consideration to any opportunity to engage with him and with the Veterans Green Village organization.

Garrett Dempsey Program Director
Detroit Outdoors 19013 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48201 313-618-8420

Comment by Gordon Soderberg on October 22, 2020 at 10:14am

PlantPropulsion, Inc is a public benefit (Class “B”) corporation, who’s mission is the research and development of sustainable biofuel production and carbon sequestration solutions for disaster response and rebuilding efforts.

To fund these goals disaster response and rebuilding efforts PlantPropulsion, inc accepts tax deductible donations for it’s Veterans Green Villages, Bus and Farm programs.

Citizen’s Bank Plantpropulsion,inc
EIN : 85-0493443

DBA (Doing Business As):

The Veterans Green Villages, Bus, and Farm Projects.

17300 Burgess Street, Detroit, Michigan 48219

Gordon Soderberg
Founder & CEO

(313) 269-1595

donations can be made to our general fund here:

1188 Centre St, Newton Centre, MA 02459

Plantpropulsion Inc.
Routing #211070175
Account #1402738088

Comment by Gordon Soderberg on October 1, 2020 at 9:14am

We’re looking to build a board advisory panel to help with development strategic program development grants and institutional partnerships.

The Veterans Green Villages Bus and Farm Project:
Think of it as a small town or forward operating base that supports cooperative farming with joint construction, processing, transport and training facilities.
Or you can look at it as a Green Tiny Home Construction Company that also converts Farm Equipment Trucks to run on alternative fuels with a training center on how it all works using multiple sustainable energy and recycle building material solutions. 

Plantpropulsion, Inc 
A Class(B) 
Public Benefit Corporation.
501-C3 #85-0493443 

For profit markets:
Seed oil filtering systems for localized improvements to cooperative farmers producing high quality virgin feed stocks for pharmaceutical, food supplements, animal feed, biofuel and bio plastic markets. . 

Non-profit focus: building a campus for veterans housing, transportation and training to assist the Research & Development of seed oil filtering systems, small scale biofuel production and diesel equipment conversion and maintenance to build and support the installation and operations of Veterans Green Villages,  Farms and Bus Projects and to transport veterans to demonstrate, train and assist other 
VOAD (volunteer Organization Active in Disasters) in deployments to disaster responses with sustainable energy and fuel solutions anywhere. 

Key Training Partners:
Hemp Industry Farmers  
Restaurants & Food Manufacturer’s 
Sustainable Biodiesel Industry 
WVO Conversion Kit Industry
Off Grid Solar Power Components
Construction Trades /Suppliers
Environmental Groups
Veteran Farmers Associations
Tiny Home Industry 

Key Program Partners
Disaster Response and Volunteer Community Service Organizations
Progressive Veterans Organizations addressing homelessness, Green Jobs training and early age retirement issues of young and elderly veterans face.
Many hands one mission approach with collaborative projects applying PTSD/TBI, Physiological, Medical, Agriculture-Culinary, Technical, Mechanical, Business and Creative Arts Institution‘s solutions to empowering veterans as leaders in the Post disaster sustainable community planning.
Gordon Soderberg 
CEO Plantpropulsion,Inc

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