Veterans Green Villages

Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.


  • ●  The Veterans Green Village Detroit is rich with capacity including a farm, housing, & industrial space

  • ●  Sweat equity is inherent amongst Veterans, with Gordon Soderberg representing thousands of Veterans committed to

    work vital community­enriching jobs that folks aren’t typically interested in working

  • ●  CRPs (Community Rehabilitation Providers) lack Veterans/ jobs component often present in CRP charters

  • ●  Business Model Example: Under DPAP Military Dining Hall Policy, endorsed by DOE, DOD, with requisite

    endorsement extending to Public Schools under DOEd, Veterans Green Village can anchor Veterans’ workforce return with co­building, deploying, & servicing Green Veterans Villages “Motor City Greaser” Filtration & later full 100th Grease Monkey “Flowtration Stations” upon Pure Plant Oil retail such as from food / wastewater (like beer or jeans garments) producers to fuel their diesel trucks, among other CleanTech

    Land / CleanTech Ops Training Basis Proposal:

    Investors purchase 5 lots from 17276 Burgess to 17300 Burgess, Detroit, MI 48219, comprised of:

    • ●  6500 sq. ft. lot, Commercial Residential w/ group home living spaces ( 17300 Burgess Street , Value $100k)

      • ○  Upstairs: 7 studios with private bath rooms and a common laundry and Veteran meeting room

      • ○  Downstairs: 4.5 baths, 2 classrooms, 3 office spaces, 1 large kitchen for common living bunk rooms

    • ●  3000 sq. ft. Office / Light Industrial ( 17276 Burgess Street, Value $150k )

      ○ 2 buildings: 1000 square ft. office & 2000 square ft shop

■ “Motor City Greaser” Metal filtration production

○ 1000 sq. ft. lot zoned Commercial Light Industrial, Value $75k

  • ●  Metal frame for large arch barn needing new canvas for use as covered parking

  • ●  3 USDA Certified Veteran Owned Organic Urban Farm (21536, 21549, 21556 Orchard Street)


  • ○  All connected lots share common easements with the other two lots

  • ○  All have raised beds for seasonal crops

  • ○  1 lot has a 40 ft insulated shipping container with 12 solar panels, batteries, & inverter to power heat & air

    conditioning, led grow lights, watering pumps as well as crop monitoring WiFi cameras.

The Veterans Green Village Program Director: Gordon Soderberg has 25 years of nonprofit program development for veterans green jobs training programs in disaster response, historical preservation rebuilding of log cabins, new residential/commercial construction, demolition and tree removal using heavy equipment & using sustainable energy solutions from local resources. Sustainable disaster responses & green job training program development history:

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Execution Support (Detailed Operations below):
With funding, Veterans anchored at Veterans Village Detroit, already busting blight and rebuilding community, can operate the

preeminent one­stop Veterans’ CleanTech Operations Skills Certification Training Center; unlike anywhere else globally.

The Veterans Green Villages: "Sustainable Bootcamps for Disasters”

  • ●  Partner Organizations: National Veteran 501C3s, key industries, educational institutions & volunteer services (Key Local Partners already operating together listed below)

  • ●  Clients: Local veterans, businesses, community non profits, schools, recreation and volunteer programs

  • ●  Mission: Demonstrate sustainable solutions by training and equipping veterans to serve as examples in green energy

    production for community redevelopment, urban farming and disaster relief.

    Program Description of Need: Urban and rural communities across the country suffer from economic and environmental blight and the effects of natural disasters. While the causes are different, the work to rebuild is the same, as are many of the volunteer organizations and businesses that respond to them.

    Issues Addressed by The Veterans Green Village:

  • ●  Housing & Training Center

  • ●  Staff Management for partner training, operations & logistics in the affected area of operations

  • ●  Keeping employees, volunteers safe and consistently trained, supplied and equipped

  • ●  Providing meaningful training and service experiences and career tracks that support partner goals:

  • ●  Use of employee and volunteer time to effectively address sustainable community service projects

  • ●  Joint partner projects, secured storage and maintenance of tools equipment

  • ●  Biofuels and sustainable emergency power, heating, water purification and transportation

  • ●  Details:

    Housing, dining, classroom and operations spaces:

    • ●  Lack of safe temporary housing for volunteers in the affected area of service

    • ●  Housing for veterans while training to build their own homes.

    • ●  Commercial food production and packaging for 365 Farm, volunteers, staff and guests

    • ●  Partnering program offices, classrooms, equipment storage, maintenance and operational spaces

      Staff training, Operations & Logistics in affected area of operations:

    • ●  Program partners have similar needs to service Detroit need local bricks and mortar resources to train, equip and deploy their visiting volunteers effectively

    • ●  Temporary housing, onsite dining, classrooms, equipment and tool storage and operational spaces

Keeping employees, volunteers safe and consistently trained, supplied and equipped:

  • ●  Budgets to support volunteers and jobs training programs are mostly affected by the fluctuation of transportation, housing, dining, tools, safety equipment, logistics and operational costs.

  • ●  The Veterans Green Village addresses these issues by providing a single source to provide consistent cost estimating to support sustainable efforts.

  • ●  Many partnering organizations have similar needs but don’t require full time ownership of the resources. The Veterans Green Village sustainable business model provides the space for multiple organizations to operate their programs in the community.

    Providing meaningful training and service experiences and career tracks that support partner goals:

● By supplying bricks and mortar housing, dining, classroom, the tools for joint job training and volunteer service operations, our partners reduce the costs of programing while exposing their staff, partners, volunteers and clients to other opportunities using sustainable models for duplication.

Use of employee and volunteer time to effectively address sustainable community service projects:

● Time is largest/costliest resource for organizations to manage to sustain efforts & effectively deploy programs.

Joint partner projects, secured storage and maintenance of tools equipment:

● Reduced costs of duplication storage, maintenance and operations

Biofuels and sustainable emergency power for heating, water purification and transportation:

  • ●  Biofuels are the most cost effective way to fuel emergency power, heating, water purification and transportations needs during a disaster relief and rebuilding efforts.

  • ●  While traditional fuels are rationed or unavailable within large scale disaster zones, restaurant cooking oil is.

  • ●  By training veterans and partnering organizations to convert vehicles to use biofuels and other sustainable

    energy solution apply to their mission will expand the adoption of sustainable energy where it is need most.

    Summary of Vets Green Village Impact Solutions: By providing housing, training center, equipment yard and maintenance shop for veterans & partnering organizations working with the community to address blight removal issues & applying their job training with local builders’ redevelopment projects for both veterans & community members in their neighborhood, we support veterans interested careers & small businesses using sustainable energy solutions and volunteer management training for disaster response, communications, transportation for debris removal and rebuilding efforts in North West Detroit.

    History of Veterans with National Parks, disaster response & clearing blight in America, & relevance today:

    WPA and CCC programs in the 1920s and 30s trained young adults to operate sustainably to build our national parks and respond to help communities after natural disasters. Before they were sent out to rebuild a community or park they learned several basic jobs by building their own base of operations including barracks, kitchen, transportation & equipment maintenance and classroom space to become a team.

    We propose to use the same training models to help rebuild a blighted community in Northwest Detroit. By building The Veterans Green Village as a barracks and training base to stage logistics and operations to clear blocks of blight for urban farming and sustainable housing in a neighborhood that veterans can learn to rebuild and invest in.

    Community Service and Disaster Response Training Partners:

    Blight Busters Detroit, Inc.

  • ●  Local Community Service Project Development

  • ●  Contact: John George /span>>

  • ●  Experience: 30 years working recruiting national non­profit foundations, churches, schools to work with Detroit

    community organizations. History working with Federal, State, County, Mayor’s Office, City Council, Land Bank


  • ●  Needs: Project management and volunteer safety training, tool library storage and maintenance, heavy

equipment and chainsaw operations for community service projects.

Team Rubicon, USA

  • ●  National disaster volunteer management training partner

  • ●  Contact: Detroit Rep Andrew Hanna

  • ●  Orientation: FEMA 100, 200, 700

  • ●  Basic:

    • ○  Core Ops Training

    • ○  OSHA 30 Work Site Safety

    • ○  Mold Remediation

    • ○  Lead and Asbestos Identification

  • ●  Advanced:

    • ○  Chain Saw

    • ○  Heavy Equipment

    • ○  Lead and Asbestos Testings and Abatement

  • ●  Needs:

    • ○  Barracks for visiting veterans & civilian trainees’ office space to manage ongoing projects

    • ○  Tools/heavy equipment storage & training classrooms for Detroit operations/service projects

      Modeco Development

  • ●  Construction, urban farming, sustainable job training, volunteer disaster response & economic development partner

  • ●  Contact: Drake Boroja Email:

  • ●  Local construction company focused on developing shipping container recycling projects, who’ve worked w/

    The Veterans Green Village over last 2 years to design, develop, & build 365 farm project

  • ●  Next goal: to build a shipping container home next to our 365 Farm to demonstrate this model in the neighborhood, where future development using shipping container urban farming solutions make sense & logistics & operations for construction can be supported from The Veterans Green Village.

  • ●  Construction Jobs available (after training): Foundations, Shipping Container Welding, Framing & Roofing, Insulation, Solar Electrical Power Installation, Plumbing, HVAC, Interior Cabinetry. Needs:

    • ○  Trained employees or certified subcontractors for project management

    • ○  Work site safety and supervision for lot clearing, chainsaw, heavy equipment operations to remove

      trees, condemned buildings. foundations, fill and grading for water catchment and lot preparations for

      new construction

    • ○  Current applicable RFP example:

      Collaborative Potential: Community Center, neighborhood park & residential, construction jobs projects supporting Blight Buster Detroit & Detroit Block Works:

      365 Farming:
      Artesian Farms, Inc

  • ●  Local food production focused on 365 farming using warehouses & hydroponic systems to supply Whole Foods

  • ●  Contact: Jeff Adams

  • ●  Farming Jobs: Indoor hydroponic farm management for feeding large production with starter plants in final

    growing trays

  • ●  Has shown interest in helping The Veterans Green Farm develop the shipping container 365 farm the training

    final infrastructure needed to create their apprenticeship program to provide trained employees with seed to start production of their commercial produce

○ Teach veterans, university students, volunteers and community members the process of building homes farms and community spaces with sustainable technologies using shipping containers as the basic structure buildings.

● Ongoing Interest in Vets Village: take food plants from seed to start IN shipping containers

● This means Vets Village 365 Urban Farming becomes a basis for construction, starting food production AND emergency response scenarios for self­sustaining forward base ground operations.

About the Shipping Containers Relative to 365 Farming / Artesian:

  • ●  Built out by MoDeco Development for The Veterans Green Village

  • ●  Construction training in basic welding & metal fabrication, wall framing, wiring, water systems, plumbing,

    painting, insulation, solar panel, battery, generator & power inverter installations

  • ●  365 Farm, 8ft X 9ft X 40ft, shipping container, LED Lights, Racks, Solar Panels, Inverter 110 60 amp

  • ●  Needs: Batteries, growing trays, water storage, nutrient mix and irrigation systems for specific grows

  • ●  Artesian Farms identifies/documents additional equipment & operational support for their products

  • ●  Solar Power Micro Grids w/ Battery & Generator Backup will maintain power for connected buildings

    The Veteran GreenHouse Training Center

  • ●  Grow Produce for The Veterans Green Village & Partner Farms, such as Artesian Farms

  • ●  Teach veterans, university students, volunteers and community members the process of 365 day farming and

    related sustainable resource technologies that make it possible.

  • ●  Trainer:

    • ○  Operates the 365 Farm, understands how to manage the lighting, solar batteries, watering, heating and cooling systems to produce food for human consumption and commercial sales.

    • ○  Experience with university Ag extensions programs, sustainable energy, small business incubation and veteran centric economic development projects.

    • ○  Students Veteran Interns, University Students and Community Members to produce, process, package and sell products

  • ●  Income streams:

    • ○  Grants to develop training programs with partnering organizations with technical support from solar

      and hydroponic farming industry equipment suppliers.

    • ○  Visitors, volunteers, clients pay for products and make donations

    • ○  Training program fees; VA, VOSH Department of Labor, USDA

    • ○  Rental fees for partnering farms that use the shipping container for their winter crops and production

      from seed to sprout and planting.

    • ○  Construction and sales of additional 365 farms

      Current Investments and Grants:

  • ●  MISHDA REDEC & 5/3 Bank

  • ●  Resurge Detroit = 60K Shipping Container, Solar Panels. LED Lights, Inverter, Racks, Heating and Cooling

    System, Insulation, paint.

  • ●  Start Up Costs = 25k

  • ●  10k Veterans Village Detroit needs to raise for backup generator, batteries, trays and watering filtering system

    and seeds

  • ●  10k Marketing & Training Materials

  • ●  5k Packaging Printed Labels

    Projects Supporting Sustainable Biofuel Transportation, Power and Heating: 100th Grease Monkey (

    • ●  Job training partner, R&D site, and metal production facility.

    • ●  Directly related Veterans Green Village Jobs:

      ○ Food factory
      ○ Seed farm
      ○ Restaurant WVO collection ○ Filtering services
      ○ Fleet conversions
      ○ WVO biofuels production
      ○ Collection & filtering services

■ Medium size truck driver, forklift operator, electrical, plumbing, seed press, pumping oils, filter cleaning & replacement.

  • ○  Vehicle, generator, water filtering, heating, WVO conversions services:

    • Commercial & passenger diesel engine mechanic

    • Automotive electrician

    • Welder fabricator, plumber

  • ○  WVO Biofuels production & testing services

  • ○  Storage of bulk fuels, fire & spill protection, electrical, plumbing, pumping oil & testing

● Interested Parties & Target Markets:

  • ○  Seed oil farming and sustainable biofuel industries

  • ○  WVO conversion & component manufacturing industries

  • ○  US military training base environmental recycling programs

  • ○  Fleet transportation markets

  • ○  Restaurant, food delivery

  • ○  Uber & Lyft

  • ○  Natural disaster response and community volunteer service organizations

  • ○  Team Rubicon USA

  • ○  Open World Relief

  • ○  Burners Without Borders

  • ○  Blight Busters Detroit

  • ○  Vehicle WVO Conversion and Maintenance (Independent Mechanics)

  • ○  Restaurant WVO Recycling Services

  • ○  R&D WVO Filtering Products and Fleet Fueling Services

  • ○  R&D Small Scale Biofuel Production

    ● Assets:

  • ○  2007 Dodge 3500 Converted to WVO

  • ○  Tanks, Pumps, Hoses, Centrifuge, Oil Tank Heaters

    The Veterans Green Bus & Mobile Kitchen

  • ●  Provide mobile commercial food production using leafy greens from The Veterans Green Farms

  • ●  Teach veterans, university students, volunteers and community members the process of cooking food for large

    numbers of people using sustainable resource technologies.

  • ●  Trainer:

    • ○  Operates the Veterans Green Bus and Mobile Kitchen, understands how to manage the grease collection and filtering equipment, food storage, fresh water, heating and cooling systems to produce food for human consumption and commercial sales.

    • ○  Experience with mobile food truck industry, sustainable energy, Ag extensions, small business incubation, veteran centric training programs and economic development projects.

  • ●  Students:

    • ○  Veteran Interns, University Students and Community Members

    • ○  Produce food that feeds people and process the used cooking into fuel

  • ●  Income Streams:

○ Grants to develop training programs with partnering organizations with technical support from food

truck industry & equipment suppliers. ● Advisors:

  • ○  Michael Cassetta 100th Grease Monkey

  • ○  Michael Bowman Sustainable BioDiesel Alliance

  • ○  Kathy King Pacific BioDiesel

● Current
○ Veterans Green Jobs

Investments & Grants:

  • ○  Team Rubicon USA

  • ○  New York Cares: program development, bus purchase, paint, maintenance, used cooking oil

    conversion; 20k

● Start Up Costs:


  • ○  Restoration & painting

  • ○  Overhaul of wiring, lights, tires, brakes, suspension, steering transmission and engine

  • ○  Commercial Kitchen Installation

  • ○  Roadworthy Certification (Liabilities)

■ Insurance & Registration ■ Fuel
■ Maintenance

WVO Conversion, Biofuels Lab and Equipment & Maintenance Shop

  • ●  Provide vehicle, heavy equipment, generator, water heater conversions & maintenance shop tools

  • ●  Collect cooking oil from local restaurants, potato chip manufacturing, military bases, & seed farmers

  • ●  Research & develop fried food Industry filtering equipment for new markets.

  • ●  Trainers:

    • ○  Grease Collection and Filtering Maintenance

    • ○  Diesel ­ Grease Engine Conversions

    • ○  Diesel Engine & Generator Maintenance

    • ○  WVO ­ Biodiesel Production

  • ●  Start Up Costs:

    • ○  Grease Collection and Filtering, Tanks, Tools & Pumping Equipment

    • ○  Diesel ­ Grease Engine Conversions Tools & Equipment

    • ○  Biodiesel Production Tools & Equipment

    • ○  Diesel Engine, Generator & Water Heater Maintenance Tools & Equipment

    • ○  Marketing & Training Materials

    • ○  Packaging & Printed Labels

● Income

  • ○  Wholesale fuel sales to commercial fleets, farms and industry

  • ○  Fee for services trees, stumps removal, single story structure demolition and reconstruction

  • ○  Production & sales of grease collection and filtering equipment for food factories, restaurants military

    bases, teaching institutions corporate offices, and their contracted render haulers

  • ○  Diesel ­ Grease Engine Conversions

  • ○  WVO and biodiesel production

  • ○  Retreat, Training Event Hosting

  • ○  Training Fees

  • ○  Food Production

Streams and Jobs:

  • ●  35 years of Disaster Responses and The Cultivation of Post­Military Lives­cultivation­of­post­military­lives

  • ●  The Veterans Village Green Farm Resurge Detroit ­ Liberty Harvest­detroit­liberty­harvest

  • ●  Green Veterans Supporting Blight Busters­city­blight­buster­volunteers­march­15­2016

  • ●  High Times & GV2GT Build a Garden With Detroit Veterans­times­gv2gt­build­a­garden­with­detroit­veterans

    Overall Sustainable Disaster Response, Rebuilding, New Construction & Maintenance Support: Supporting veterans and community members interested jobs and small businesses using sustainable energy solutions for disaster response, communications, transportation, urban farming, new housing projects and deconstruction, debris removal, volunteer management support.

    Gordon Soderberg, Manager, The Veterans Green Village


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