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The Veterans Green Bus Projects train veterans to demonstrate sustainable transportation fueling techniques using hemp seed and recycled cooking oils. 

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The Veterans Green Bus Project:

Addresses the largest problem disaster relief organizations face when responding to natural or man made disasters.

With fuel costs at a premium, $3.00 + - per gallon average nation wide 2017 -18, getting volunteers to and from disaster zones hinders effective volunteer disaster response capabilities. What makes this problem worse during disasters is the fact that access to traditional forms of fuel are rationed where they are needed most. The Veterans Green Bus Project attacks these issues head on with a strategic plan to increase access and reduce the costs of fuel for transportation and emergency power.


  • Reduce the cost of training facility operations and fuel for transporting tools, supplies and volunteers to and from disasters by up to 90%. 
  • Veterans continuing their service by helping communities recover from natural and man made disasters.  
  • Demonstrating sustainable solutions including bio diesel, WVO and solar.
  • Linking veterans with green job training opportunities and community service projects.


  • The Veterans Green Bus will provide sustainable transportation fuel and electrical power for first responders In the event a national disaster occurs. 
  • Demonstrate how to produce emergency fuel for transportation, emergency generators and off road equipment from used cooking oil, and solar energy.


  • Train veterans in maintaining alternative power and communications systems and cooking facilities for disaster response teams.
  • Train veterans to document the project using the latest digital media technologies
  • Serve the community at large by providing emergency aid while demonstrating sustainable energy solutions.
  • The processes of collecting, cleaning and filtering the oil and converting engines will be demonstrated for local schools, businesses and community volunteer organizations and governments in a training facility designed specially for this purpose.
  • In the event a national disaster occurs. The Veterans Green Bus will provide sustainable power, communications, and cooking capabilities for partnering disaster response organizations.
  • #1 Demonstrate how to convert buses, trucks generators and heavy equipment to use Waste Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel. 
  • #2. Demonstrate how to covert industrial spaces into small scale sustainable energy production facilities.
  • #3: Demonstrate how to collect filter and process used cooking oil into biofuels.
  • #4: Employ and train veterans to assist other disaster relief organizations to incorporate sustainable energy solutions  in their operational and disaster preparedness plans.
  • #5 Support a network of green disaster relief organizations and fueling sites.


  • We are a group of veterans that believe in our continued service the this country by demonstrating sustainable energy use for disaster relief.
  • Operational Plan:
  • Veteran Barracks Housing and Training Center = Firehouse / Warehouse, 
  • Scale= Medium Light Industrial (5,000 square ft minimum)v
  • Housing , Class Room & Veterans Green Bus Barn


  • Community Demonstration and Training Programs:
  • WVO Conversions, Collection & Filtration Systems, Small Scale Biodiesel Plant Operations, Solar, Wind Turbine, Inverter Grid/ Battery backup and Geothermal HVAC Installations. 

Veteran Programs 

  • WVO Conversions, Collection & Filtration Systems, Small Scale Biodiesel Plant Operations, Solar, Wind Turbine, Inverter Grid/ Battery backup and Geothermal HVAC Installations. 
  • Team Rubicon Membership and Emergency Response Training Program:


  • Bus Transportation, Emergency Generators, Home Heating Oil, Off Road & Heavy
  • Equipment
  • Scale= Small Scale for demonstrations and facility support.
  • Capacity= 500 gallons per week. 2000 gallon storage.
  • Solar Panels & Wind Turbines Installations:
  • Roof Mounted to permanent structures and mobile units
  • Grid Connected with Inverter and battery backup 
  • 5KW mobile and 10KW Systems
  • Scale= Mobile and Medium Industrial

Solar Installation Training programs:

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