Veterans Green Villages

Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.

Veterans Green Disaster Response Efforts in Louisiana after Hurrica...

The Veterans Green Village's back up power, heavy equipment and diesel transportation engines have been converted to run on farm seed and used restaurant cooking oils for the past 13 years.

National Tour of the Veterans Green Bus 2012 

With Hemp and Cannabis production returning to the USA, It is our intention to work with these sustianable resources to fuel national tours demonstrating how our conversions and onboard recycling systems work, advocate for national adoption of policies that support veterans of all ages gaining employment and sustianable roles in these industries.

Just some fo the natioanl diasters our veterasn hae responded to. 

Our veterans have demonstrated themsleves capable to respond to diasters.

We are also willing to be on the front lines to advance a just cause to ppoliticians. 

When it cames to veteran health, housing, and employment issues, creating a national dialogue for coherent policises can only come with the veterans and their perspectives.

They need a national voice and a vehicle to carry them.

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