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Post hurricane and tornado and flooding events cause outages of both power and communication services of all types. Having satellite communication available immediately after a disaster can mean the difference between life and death.  By having Internet communication allows the bus to share wireless internet access in a remote location or a college campus parking lot.

Systems at

(Pricing does not include installation)
NEW Equipment
    NEW DataSAT 840 6W with X5 iDirect modem  $5,995 plus trucking
Used Guaranteed Equipment
    USED F1/1W with D2 controller & HN7000s modem  $2,350
    USED F1/1W with D3 controller & HN7000s modem  $2,750
    USED G74/1W/D3 controller & HN7000s modem  $4,450
    USED G74/1W/HN7000s/J1 with Mogul software  $5,950
    USED F1 3 watt with D3 controller & no iDirect modem  $3,750
    USED F2, .98M with D3 controller & HN7000s modem  $3,975
    USED F2, .98M 4W with D3 controller & X5 iDirect  $4,990
    USED F3 4W with D3 controller & HN7000s modem  $5,850
    USED F3 System   - no modem - D3 - 3 Watt  $5,395
    USED F3 System   - iDirect X5 - D3 - 4 Watt  $6,295
    USED XF2 System - Hughes, 2 watt, J1  $6,900
    USED XF2 System - iDirect X5 - J1 - 4Watt  $7,500
    USED XF3 System - Hughes - 2W - D4 w/Mogul Software $7,950
    USED XF3 System - iDirect X5 - 4W - J1  $6,500
    USED XF3 System, iDirect X5, 6W, J1 w/Mogul software  $7,550


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