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Biodiesel Production from Cooking Oil

Biodiesel Production from Cooking Oil


  • Employ and train individuals to produce ASTM standard biofuels on a small scale from used cooking oil collected from restaurants and fried-food manufacturers.
  • Reduce the cost of operating transportation and blight removal equipment.
  • Create additional income streams from the sale of excess fuel. Produce up to 60,000 gallons ($300,000) per year of ASTM fuel and heating oil and 20,000 gallons of glycerin ($30,000).


By producing our own fuel we will be able to:

  • Reduce the costs of operating the Urban Farm
  • Fuel transportation and heavy equipment
  • Generate emergency power for Veterans Village & Motor City Blight Busters operations

The excess fuel production will also generate income for the organization by selling it to partnering organizations.


  • Filtered used cooking oil for WVO powered equipment
  • ASTM biodiesel for off-road equipment transportation and home heating oil
  • Glycerin for soup and boiler’s fuel
  • Conversion of vehicles to run on both biodiesel and used cooking oil

Market analysis:

  • Diesel Fuel is $4.20 per gallon
  • Cost of producing biodiesel is 80 cents a gallon
  • Savings:  $3.40 per gallon

Local production of biodiesel in the city of Detroit does not exist at this time.

Employees: (3)

  • Production Manager (1): $35,000
  • Collection and Production staff (2): $30,000 ea.

Needs: $100,000

  • Light Industrial Commercial building:  $25,000
  • Springboard Biodiesel Plant: $25,000
  • 1000 gallon storage tanks (x4) and containment systems: $10,000
  • Collection and filtration pumps and centrifuges:  $2000
  • Grease collection tanks: $5000
  • Collection truck: $40,000


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