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Veterans Green Bucket Brigades

"Bucket Brigarde" Is a term for communities that responded to fires before there were firemen with teams of horeses to pull a pump wagon. 

The Veterans Green Bucket Brigade will not put out fires rather, prevent flooding of streets and basements from clogged drains. Using appropriate size grease tanks for private residences, appartment buildings, fire houses, community kitchens food centers, music clubs and churches, , schools, military bases, restauarants, food factories.

The fuel will be used in our generators, punps and water heaters to house our veterans and volunteers in training and fuel the vehicles and equipment to clean up the blight in Detroit.

All disasters responses are local the scale of the response becomes the issue.

Developing the tools and training to deploy sustainable fueling solutions to support disaster responses locally, solves the barriers for an organiztion of any size to deploy vehicles, emergency power for lights, water pumps, filters and heat needed in long duration disaster responses world wide.

The Brigade will provide pickup service for free to the first brigade partners.

After the market development period we will offer $ for the locations that are proven to produce grease consistantly, rage $0.50 - $1.00 a gallon.

Cost of membership per year includes the tank;

Residence membership

5 gallon plastic bucket with lid = Free 

Business memberships

10 gallon plastic tank with lid = $100
20 gallon steel tank with lid = $150
55 gallon steel tank with lid = $200 with filter = $250
250 gallon plastic tank with lid =$300 with filter = $350


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Comment by Gordon Soderberg on September 27, 2018 at 2:12pm

Brigade partners are needed form in all tank catagories.

Private Residences
Group Homes
Fire Houses
Appartment Buildings 
Community Centers
Music clubs
Business Parks
Military Bases
Chain Grocery Stores
Fried Food Factories

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