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Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.


Veterans Green Villages FAQ

What makes up a Veterans Green Village?


  • Sustainable Jobs Training & Small Business Development
  • Sustainable Transportation, Fleet Management & Maintenance
  • Sustainable Housing, Temporary & Permanent
  • Sustainable Food Production & Distribution

How do you plan to pay for these programs?

  • Development grants to create the organisation's capacity and training infrastructures
  • Document how the veterans are applying what they learn as our programs develop transportation, housing and 365 farming.
  • Acquire empty lots to build and sell our veteran green homes, micro farms, with barns shops and or multi unit residences.
  • Sell the plans for these types of sustainable community building solutions for other community redevelopment organizations and private property owners.

Raise the funds online through social media and grants from the sustainable fuel, solar power, DIY, tiny home and organic farming industries fir start up and program development capital. 

How many research and training bases would you build and what are the capabilities?

One mobile team made up of a bus and at least one logistical and one operational support vehicles per base capable of transport the base team to regional or national disaster responses local service projects and training events.  

One base Hosting capabilities:

Up to 12 people on a continuous basis.

24-48 day or short stay barracks type occupancy. 

Deploy these solutions in 5 regions to cover high disaster prone areas for Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Tornados and Earthquakes.

To know the true environmental and logistical requirements for responding to disasters is to train where they happen.

As part of research and development, extreme humidity and temperature differences are welcomed in order to measure exposure of our green building materials and design concepts over time and against a the potential disasters.  . I 

Where would you build the five bases?

Michigan, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii, Virginia 

What would the Veterans get?

Veterans looking for work and training :

Certifications in VOAD disaster response, Green Job training in sustainable energy and construction trades.

For Veterans in need of stable and affordable housing:

Temporary Housing for Homeless and fixed income Veterans while they learn to build Sustainable Farming, Business and Residential construction Models for duplication = Veterans Green Villages.

Veterans Green Village - Detroit

17300 Burgess Street Detroit Mi 48219

Location of first home build and training center. 

Veterans Green Villages First Home designed to be wrapped in a foot of Hempcrete (not shown). Made with 3 shipping containers roof and one wall to form an interior glass green house, roof made with solar panels for the kitchen lights with rain a catchment system to feed the 365 day green house garden.

How long would the training programs last?

Depending on the training, a few weeks to several months.

How long will it take to set up the first base?

Program Administration and design team development 3 months.

Planing and logistics 3 months.

First barracks, bus barn and farm construction 1 month.

Bio diesel production two weeks

Solar power installation two weeks

Hempcrete construction two weeks.

Shipping container home construction 1 month

Heavy equipment operations two weeks.

Foundation digging, forms and utilities 2 weeks 

Blueprint, Design list and order of construction trades and permits 3 months.

Electrical, Plumbing HVAC 1 month.

Key Ongoing Training & Program Partners:

Veteran and Civilian Volunteer Service Organizations
Restaurants & Fried Food Manufacturer’s
Bus /RV Conversion and Tourism Industries
Hemp Biofuels, Construction Material & Farming Industries
WVO Conversion Kit Industry
Solar Power and Off Grid Component Industry
Construction Trade Unions & Suppliers
Shipping Container Building Engineers
Environmental Groups

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADS)

Certified training institutions addressing veterans homelessness,  Sustainable energy, urban farming, early age retirement issues of the young and long term community support needs for elderly veterans.

Many hands one mission approach with collaborative projects applying PTSD/TBI, Physiological, Medical, Agriculture-Culinary, Technical, Mechanical, Business and Creative Arts Institution support to solutions to empowering veterans as leaders in the preparation and post disaster responses and sustainable community planning.


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Comment by Gordon Soderberg on November 16, 2020 at 3:37pm

Veterans Green Village Nevada

Green Jobs Training:
365 Farming
Phased implementation:
Hire program development team in phases as capabilities, funding And demand are generated.
Establish Housing & Office Space.
Purchase office computer, printer internet communications network
Hire Program Director
& Assistant Director - Recruitment 
Write grants and establish community partnership create cooperative proposals to facilitate funding programs. 
Begin Search for first Veterans employees to fill specific functions of the organization.
HR, Training & Office Manager 
Construction Manager
Housing Manager
Farm Manager
Biodiesel Plant Manager
Conversion & Maintenance Manager
Metal Fabrication & Wood shop Manager
Transportation Manager 
Install 365 Indoor Farm.
Shipped farm from Detroit 
Recruit veterans for the first Hempcrete training class.
Wrap exterior with Hempcrete Insulation 
Recruit veterans for the first 365 Farming class 
Install solar power lights and trays watering system plant the first crop.
Establish Diesel vehicle conversion & biofuel production capabilities.
Establish cooking oil collection, filtering & storage system.
Establish bio diesel production.
Establish diesel vehicle conversion and maintenance shop.  
Establish the transportation, tools equipment to begin construction. 
Build barracks, training center and for shipping containing metal fabrication and wood shop. 
Build the first shipping container home.  
Comment by Gordon Soderberg on October 26, 2020 at 1:44pm

Veterans Green Village Shipping Container Home Design #1.

Simple design the can scale in size and combined with other units while retaining the same design features by using different container lengths adding levels and green house dimensions.

By wrapping the exterior shipping containers walls and sub-flooring with hempcrete up to two feet in depth would increase thermal efficiency as well as fire protection and assist with flood mitigation.  

Next generation will be to create designs to fit standard lots at mobile home parks. 

Comment by Gordon Soderberg on October 25, 2020 at 2:38pm

Shuree Log Cabin build by Veterans Green Jobs for the Carson National Forest in the Val Vidal section in North EasternNew Mexico 

Comment by Gordon Soderberg on October 25, 2020 at 2:12pm

The concept of creating Green Veterans came while creating base camps for volunteers responding to Hurricane Katrina. Here is the first net zero energy house we built and where we operated our first camp On Bayou Liberty in Slidell, LA. 

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