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Posted on February 3, 2021 by

A few thoughts on using hempcrete in the conservation and renovation of solid wall buildings.

Hempcrete was originally developed in France nearly forty years ago to repair…


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Hempcrete with Hempitecture

I was accepted to attend hempitectures HempCrete contractor training class in Ketchum, Idaho.

April, 2021. 

What I will learn, document my experience and share here.

Forming Tools & Materials

Mixing equipment…


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Sierra Club Military Outdoors Training

  • Sketch, journal, or take pictures during your adventure. If you'd like to share any of this with the group during our virtual campfire on Tuesday, please either email it to me ahead of time or feel free to just bring it with you.
  • Identify one plant, insect, or animal during your adventure. Seek…

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Veterans Coalition for Vaccination (VCV)


Team, …


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Team Rubicon USA Volunteers

The Veterans Green Village

Disaster Response Plan

Before we begin training, our members go through FEMA and Team Rubicon USA…


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What are our goals and barriers to reaching them?


#1 Build veterans green buses to demonstrate sustainable energy solutions for man made or natural disaster responses and rebuilding efforts.

#2 Build Veteran green homes, barns, and indoor farms using sustainable energy solutions, shipping containers and Hempcrete. 

#3 Start Veterans Green Biofuel production and fleet conversions.

#4 Incubate Veteran Green Businesses.

Barriers: to goal #1

25k raised 35k needed




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The Evolution of Veterans Green Bus, Village, and Farm Projects

What happened to Veterans Green Jobs is why there is a Veterans Green Bus Village and Farm..
Veterans Green Jobs Was Founded: 2008 - Closed 2012 …

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PlantPropulsion Inc.

PlantPropulsion is helping with green disaster relief by raising funds to buy the green bus.

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It's been awhile, but I ended up on deck

Don't ask me how the hell it happened, I'm Army after all....

But, as to working on a deck, I added a rail to one for a guy that has health issues in our favorite are of NW Detroit.

Started out as a flat top.

Still needs sanding and water sealing/staining, but that's for when it gives us a bit of dry time without sputtering rain down on us.…


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COOKING OIL collection, filtering and fueling strategies

"Grow as we go"
As we build the cooking oil refinery at Veterans Village Detroit to eventually fuel multiple converted fleets, scaling our model for collection and client support…

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What I do in the D

We did a Blight Busters gig at a house and while there I came across a mess for their electric.

A 220V line that was active in the panel ended, somewhere, but it was unknown where or what the condition it was in at the other end.

The people are fighting the good fight, but, the economics wasn't in their favor.

While I could have charged more for doing this I couldn't let them live in an unsafe house.  Having had a fire wipe out what I had had, and having a chance to…


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I am honored

This week I was honored to receive a Toyota Corolla Matrix from the Bedford TWP Vets center and Victory Gym VHC.  I am very appreciative of being able to get this vehicle.

It is perfect for what I do too, smaller building maintenance projects for people that can't afford the not so low minimum costs of getting other companies in to do the work.  People fighting the good fight in Detroit, wanting to maintain their properties, but don't have the money need someone to have their…


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A Day with the Mayors

During a recent conference of mayors here in the D we had the pleasure of showing them around the Blight Buster HQ as well as the Motor City Java House and Artist's Village of Detroit.
Gordon, Rob, and I were the reps of Veteran's Green Villages.

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Added Videos

Catching up on things and getting videos uploaded, as well as a bunch of pics.

LifeRemodeled18 had a lot of vids, and I need to edit some of them to be no more than 100MB. 

Here is my current gallery of vids showing what we've done.

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Hamtramck Clean Up

We got more shit done, in Hamtramck this time, cleaning up the overgrown trees, bringing more sunlight in to the area for residents that had been asking the city to do something about the mess.  Five land bank owned lots overgrown big time.

Motor City Grounds Crew asked Gordon and I to run the chainsaw and clippers through to clear it out enough so they could clean it up.

We, of course, rocked it out. 

Gordon had the pleasure of working there Wednesday through Friday…


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Building a refinery phase one

I knon that you think of refineries as nasty stinky dirty places that contaminate the ground and air around them.  For us it isn't anything like that.  If we have a spill we fertilize the ground, and, the air might smell like french fries, fish, nuggets, and what not.

Today we restructured what was tool shelving to get the space needed for the inline refining of used cooking oil for our better than fuel grade premium fuel.

Check out the work we did, Gordon, Rob, and…


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05OCT18 Detroit Op

Friday, just like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were in Detroit near Boston and Yellowstone #GSD.  It was also the day I realized I was middle management.

Gordon managed to cut the tress down, I managed to swamp them, and Paul managed to get them to the curb....

Ahh, goals, lol.

This day was all about the trees, opening up the area so dumpers can easily do their dirtying work and other riff raff can't skulk through the shadows.  This helps keep the others living in the…


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03OCT18 Detroit Op

Life is full of SNAFUs, besides getting shit done shit happens.

More clearing in the area of Boston and Yellowstone, finding the tires and auto parts from a shop that found it cheaper and easier to muck up Detroit over being responsible business owners.

The City is stepping up it's game on dumpers, using cameras to catch the offenders, and nailing them.  I hope that they can expand the effort greatly and take possession of more vehicles and fine them to help cover the costs…


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Working with LifeRemodeled

From swamping in a yard to spoting and swamping in alleys we got shit done in Detroit, again, for LifeRemodeled this time.  Worked with Gordon, Ember, and Chris in all of this, plus our assigned FCA contracted photographer that I can not remember the name of.

All in all a busy day of hauling the cut limbs and raking the trash up. 

This first alley we went to look…


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TR Training

Yesterday I got a chance to take some Team Rubicon disaster relief training, Core Operations. This is FNG stuff, but, since I am a FNG to TR it was a must.

All in all I did get to meet and hang with other TR members, learned how TR does stuff, and, of course, got shit done.

I did learn a few things in the class, even though it is like cleaning up a house after a dirty tenant.

Now, I guess that I am deployable in full, able to sign up and get sent to do disaster relief in…


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