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Life is full of SNAFUs, besides getting shit done shit happens.

More clearing in the area of Boston and Yellowstone, finding the tires and auto parts from a shop that found it cheaper and easier to muck up Detroit over being responsible business owners.

The City is stepping up it's game on dumpers, using cameras to catch the offenders, and nailing them.  I hope that they can expand the effort greatly and take possession of more vehicles and fine them to help cover the costs of cleaning up after them.

Finding out what's why and when's nothing.

Gordon brings me the tires.

I discovered that I hate tires, I really do.  The first 25 or 30 aren't bad, but after that they get really old.

Paul, in a small BobCat, took the tires I sorted an stacked them.  They want nothing but tires in the tire pile, so, someone has to make sure that the additional stuff isn't in the mix.

Veteran's Green Villages Used Auto Parts



More to come

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