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Organization and individual volunteer sign up.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Motor City Blight Busters of Detroit.

Check our calendar of volunteer events and sign up or let us know what dates you are interested in and we will add it to the calendar.

To get your groups volunteer event added to the calendar without signing up to the website contact:
    Phone: 985 640-1801
Meeting Location:

    Motor City Blight Busters of Detroit
    17340 Lahser Detroit, MI 48219

Thank you for contacting Motor City Blight Busters regarding your interest in helping our community rebuild sustainably.

Youth / Guardian Waiver of Liability  audltwaiver.docx

Download, print and sign this document bring it with you when you volunteer.

Adult Waiver of Liability audltwaiver.docx

Download, print and sign this document bring it with you when you volunteer.

Dates& Times:

    Every Saturday, RAIN, SHINE or SNOW we have a standing community volunteer day.

    Tuesday - Saturday 9AM - 4PM  (volunteer orientations, training and special projects)

For New Volunteers and Visiting Groups:
    Visiting Groups need to bring their own gloves and eye protection.

    Everyone should wear boots and denim or heavy work jeans.

    We are asking a minimum financial contribution of $30 per person to register as a Motor City Blight Buster of Detroit Volunteer.

    This pays for  the required orientation, safety training, and the management of volunteer support efforts.

    No person will be turned away for the lack of funds.

    Each registered volunteer will receive a Motor City Blight Buster of Detroit T Shirt with preregistration.

    T Shirts for visiting groups need to preregister and provide shirt sixes at least one month in advance.
    We are working on a online registration solution. We expect it to be ready this summer. Until then registrations and shirt size list needs to be mailed.


    Volunteers are expected to follow directions provided by Motor City Blight Buster Team Leaders and staff of the programs you are working with.
    Safety is our number one, two and three concern. Please, look out for each other and follow directions.

Recognition, Documentation and Feedback:

    We want your experience to matter to you and make a difference in the community of volunteers that follow you here.

    We need our volunteers help  documenting and organizing the work we do by becoming a members of website.

    Your feedback on how we can improve the volunteer experience is always welcome.

    There you can post your comments in the events calendar documenting your work, write blogs,  create photo and video galleries.

    Share them with your friends by linking your membership to your Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

Motor City Blight Buster of Detroit efforts to create positive change to Detroit's North West Side.

Over the past 27 years Motor City Blight Busters has concentrated on removing the burned out homes and blight from abandoned properties, which we consider a form of child abuse.

Since 2003, we have concentrated on rebuilding abandoned commercial properties into functioning businesses, cultural venues and community gardens in the Old Redford business district and land we cleared to prevent further dumping and improve the quality of life for our communities members and their children.

Our goals and mission are beginning to change with the increased investment by the city to remove abandoned homes to focus on rebuilding a vital community.

Creating viable programs that will foster positive change into the future we have established a coffee shop, artist village and Farm City and Veterans Village Detroit to provide venues for organizing community members, engage civic volunteers.

Most recently, we have partnered with United Peace Relief, INC a 501 C3 a non profit made up of Veterans that specialize in managing the scaling of disaster response and recovery efforts for local organizations.

Together we are building veterans housing and small business incubator to create a model for duplication across the city and the country.

We are documenting all of our training and work using forums, blogs, videos, events calendar and image galleries of projects at

Four videos that document the mission, goals progress of Motor City Blight Busters of Detroit over the past four years.

Sep 23, 2010
    Motor City Blight Busters "Angels" Fundraising Video - Detroit, Michigan. 2010. Produced by Urban Detroit Wholesalers and M-1 Studios


Jan 28, 2013
Stabilizing, revitalizing, repopulating and rejuvenating the social economic plight one project at a time. John J. George, Co-Founder of Motor City Blight Busters appears on Comcast News makers.

    Detroit 2020/Motor City Blight Busters-Santa Clara Street Update


Oct 30, 2013

    Channel 10 - Neighborhood Blight Fighter's - Motor City Blight Busters


Jul 21, 2014

    Motor City Blight Busters cleanup in preparation for Veterans Village..


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