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(AAR) After Action Report Operation Greased Lightning.

(AARP) After Action Report Post by; Gordon Soderberg 

The following report will identify mission goals assumptions events actions and findings of the Veterans Green Bus Director Gordon Soderberg regarding his experience volunteering with Team Rubicon USA as team member and volunteer for their Operation Greased Lightning., From Oct 30th - Dec 3rd 2012. and for New York Cares from Dec 4th - Jan 6th 2013 at FOB HOPE Rockaway Beach New York City.

The entire experience these last two months has been nothing less than incredible. The staff and volunteers of Team Rubicon USA were impeccably well prepared, professional, and even tough many members have never worked together before they functioned as team at a high level from day one. It was a joy to provide my experience and the buses capability to Team Rubicon's Operation Greased Lightning.

The Veterans Green Bus Report for Hurricane Sandy
Written Jan 20th 2013 Rockaway, NY.

'Distance traveled:
Detroit, MI to Chicago Illinois, to New York City to Hudson NY, to Rockaway Beach NY.

Number of veterans transported on the bus 6 - 11
Number of veterans interacted with the bus 100
Number of veterans served by the bus 1000s
Number of civilians served by the bus 1000s

Missions completed:

Operation Greased Lightning 
Nov 1st 1012 -Dec 3rd 2012
Team Rubicon USA 
Establish and maintain FOB HOPE

Operation FOB HOPE 
New York Cares Dec 3rd 2012- Jan 6th, 

Projects:worked on:
Deliver volunteers and tools 
Set up forward operating base
generate power, cooking with hot water, bathroom facilities, establish decontaminating procedures, create security protocols and equipment maintenance schedules. create an office space to operate communications and dispatch volunteers.

Community & Volunteer Services 
Tree removal, mucking and gutting homes places of worship and small businesses flat tire patching, cooking for security teams and bus crew.

Power equipment maintenance, oil changing, bus check list safety inspections and fueling procedures. Solar battery charging hot water swash sink and kitchen setup, person protect equipment use and decontamination procedures.

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