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Just after returning to Detroit from the West Coast Tour we received an invitation from FARM AID to put a Green Team together for this year's concert. Not less than a week later the floods in Colorado effecting several communities and farms along the Platte River.

We will use the time it will take fro emergency responders to do their work just to gain access and clear the roads and for organizations to establish needs assessments to attend FARM AID and raise awareness to the needs in Colorado.

We will return to Detroit to wait for instructions from our network of green veterans and volunteer organizations on the ground in Colorado before to determine when and where we should respond.

This will be unlike other disasters in that the areas effected in the high country will take a great deal more time to gain access. This will push the much of the high country recovery efforts off until spring.

It maybe best for us to wait until spring before we bring the bus out to Colorado. That way we will be able to spend more time and have access to more areas in greater need.

Until we know more about what we are going to be doing, you can help these organizations that are already on the ground.


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