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We are seeing the fruits, err, veggies of our labors.  As well as a great group of volunteers from my old world of internet marketing.  The one woman was surprised that I knew exactly what she was talking about with her jargon.

I had to tell her I founded a CPA network once, ling ago.  Fun stuff, in its own way.  To be honest, I'd rather muck a house.  Less money, but far more straight forward.

But I seem to be getting off the track here, sooo.....

The gardens are coming along, half way.  Some stuff didn't take, while others did.  I am waiting to see what turns up.  I remember the one guy planted all the same thing in 5 or 6 GM donated parts bin gardens, but I don't remember what.  Spinach by the looks of it though.  I should have paid a lot more attention when my dad was doing the family garden.

But the radish are coming along, and taste good too, so it is working out.

Beans, spinach, radish, and, ummm, another fall plant is coming in.  When I figure it out I will let you all know in another post.

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