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Sketchup and Shelter 2.0 Class Wayne State

The class at the Engineering Department of Wayne State went very well yesterday. With14 in attendance, 90% veterans came to learn how use the software to build the Shelter 2.0 and make their own designs.

The Veterans Green House Project director Joe Hatcher, designed and hoop house and found a bee hive design he wants to build and well. has also donated $5,000 for materials to build the Shelter 2.0 structure and ten professional versions of their software to United Peace Relief and Team Rubicon USA.

TechShop Detroit has donated the use of their equipment to cut the parts out.

Free one year membership and $hundreds of dollars in class credit for Veterans who sign up NOW!

We need at least 4 veterans to sing up to make the Shelter 2.0 at Techshop Detroit

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Comment by Gordon Soderberg on March 17, 2014 at 2:08pm

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