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Disaster Response Plan

Before we begin training, our members go through FEMA and Team Rubicon USA Required training and background checks for qualify for different types of natural or man made disaster responses.

Once members completed the online courses and background checks we provide training to deploy sustainable energy solutions for electrical power for tools, communications, kitchen and fuel for vehicles and heavy equipment. 


TR 101

Walks you through our history and who we are as an organization.


Team Rubicon's background check policy is to ensure a safe operating environment for our team members and the communities we serve.

Due to court closures, we will accept Greyshirts with a background check status "In Progress" for low-risk operations without billeting.

Please log in to start your background check.


Enter your date of birth and keep your emergency contact info updated to ensure deployment readiness.

Log in to view your individual progress on each item above by clicking 'Sign in' in the top right corner of this page.

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Comment by Gordon Soderberg on November 30, 2020 at 6:12pm

You are being called to serve. Our communities, our cities, and our country needs you to find a way to not just survive, but to elevate yourself and others. Quarantined or not, we’ve found ways for everyone to serve. This is your call to action.

All COVID-19 operations provide essential services or assistance to an underserved population in coordination with jurisdictional authorities.

In order to meet the immense demand across the country for women and men willing to serve in a multitude of capacities, we are launching a new way to mobilize our Greyshirts. It’s called the Assignable Reserve. We ask you to submit your interest for certain operation types and share dates you would be available to serve if called upon. By knowing ahead of time what operation type you are willing to serve on and which dates you can do it, we can reduce the amount of time between communities needing assistance and us being able to deliver it.

Join the Assignable Reserve

Joining the Assignable Reserve is one step for most Greyshirts (three if you are a medical provider):

Healthcare Workers (Licensed Medical Providers Only) – We’d like to know who you are and expedite getting you to the field by pre-loading your license & certification information to. Please join the Assignable Reserve using the step above as well as the two additional below to expedite submission of credentialing packages, allowing us to provide medical services faster:

Deployment Requirements

Eligible Greyshirts must:

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

You don’t have to wait for an operation to come to your area, you can start doing something now.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Comment by Gordon Soderberg on November 30, 2020 at 5:47pm
Footprint Header

This Giving Season, 


We are grateful for you,

our community.

You keep our lights on, so we can continue to respond when the lights go out.


Join us in our year-end

Power to the People Fundraising Drive!


Help fight climate disasters with clean energy!

As we reflect on this past year, we know you have been with us every step of the way. From powering earthquake recovery in Puerto Rico to tornado response in Tennessee, COVID-19 medical surge for asylum seekers on the US/Mexico border, displaced persons encampments in Minneapolis, windstorm relief in Iowa, and wildfire resilience in California - you’ve made our mission possible.


Thank you!


Now we look towards 2021 and beyond, and we know the need for emergency energy access will grow. From spring tornados and flooding, to summer windstorms and heatwaves, to fall wildfires and hurricanes, we need to be ready. 

Vieques Solar Trailer Workshop

Our goals for 2021 are simple, but powerful: 


1. Grow the fleet. Our biggest deployments of mobile solar last year involved 1-5 active systems. This was a huge milestone for us, but every time we respond, we receive more requests than we can fulfill. We need to expand our hardware inventory to rapidly meet community requests for emergency power. 


2. Build the team. The hardware is only as good as the humans behind it. We need to build our core team to support our growing network of field volunteers activating mobile solar in their communities. This takes resources.

3. Train the movement. Disaster response may seem like a sprint, but looking out at our decade of climate crisis, it’s a marathon. We need to train disaster first responders on mobile solar so they are comfortable plugging in when it matters moss, ultimately breaking the negative feedback loop of fossil-fueled response.

Minneapolis Empowerment

What does your gift do? 


Every dollar counts. Here’s how they add up for impact. 


$10: Deploy one solar generator to a disaster power outage for a day. Serves 50-100 people. 


$50: Train one first responder how to “plug in” to mobile solar. Force multiplier! 


$100: Donate one portable power pack to a medically-vulnerable family. 


$500: Send one solar trailer to a disaster power outage for a week. Serves 100-1000 people.


$1,000: Train twenty first responders how to triage their energy needs during an outage. Force multiplier! 


$10,000: Assemble three portable solar generators for front-line community responders. 


$25,000: Hire one part-time “Mobile Solar Dispatcher” to improve our outage response time. 


$50,000: Build one new mobile solar microgrid for direct, community-accessible clean energy.


Help us respond to environmental disasters with cleaner energy, and empower local communities to build back greener.


Together, we can solve this.


Thank you! 


You make our mission possible.





William T Heegaard

Operations Director


Footprint Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the State of Minnesota. 

All donations are tax deductible.

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