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The Veterns Green Bus Development Budget

This is a all volunteer effort. The money raised will is put directly into capacity building for veterans to demonstrate sustainable energy solutions  for disaster response. 

Since fuel costs are the largest expense for a bus, creating the capability to fuel the bus with recycled cooking oil will make this project sustainable from the start.

In order to keep the bus on the road it will need to do this right the first time. That is why we're recruiting industry professionals to assist the building of the bus. 

To outfit the bus and have it ready to be on the road for the next million miles sustainably, we need to raise a significant initial start up budget of

Total: $80,000. 

First: maintenance of the bus in general needs to be done before making any other improvements. brakes, tires, suspension and emissions (here in Denver).
$10,000 - $15,000 most of that is tires. 10 tires at $500 each.

Second: Conversion to waste vegetable oil collection and filtering systems and seed press to make fuel, install solar panels, batteries, and aux generator power inverters and sub panel.
$10,000 - $20,000

Third: interior seats tables storage, lighting, galley, refrigeration, air conditioning.

$10,000 $15,000

Fourth: Satellite Internet Communications and Computers Cameras Etc.

$20,000 - $30,000

We need industry Support:

Semi Truck Manufacturing Company, Trade Union  or Service Center to go over the bus to identify any need repairs and address an safety issues.

Motor home. Sailboat manufacturing restoration conversion company to assist in building interior and galley.

Solar, Wind, Bio Diesel, WVO, Seed Press, Industry to outfit the bus with the equipment to run on fuels we can recycle while on the road.

Satellite Internet and computer companies to outfit the bus with the ability to communicate from anywhere on the road or during a regional disaster.

Environmental Movement for events to demonstrate these technologies to the general public and recruit veterans to duplicate the effort in their communities.

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