Veterans Green Villages

Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.

My Resume and 15 year of making waves with my apple laptop, cheap video camera and a mission to use my Navy Corpsman Training to help other veterans deal with disasters.

Knowing that disasters don't care about personal feelings, economic position, environmental impacts, political barriers to anyone's survival, I chose when I left on this mission not to care who I helped and by doing so, I help myself heal, from the things I did and witnessed as a Corpsman in the US Navy in the Persian Gulf before it was popular,

Thanks to: Paul Dillon (RIP),from setting me on this course with your blessing and wisdom, David Kline (RIP) For trusting me to do the right thing when everything was going wrong, Patrick Tate (RIP), For buying the first bus and believing in making a difference for anyone, Cindy Sheehan for your fearless selfless sacrifice to bring change ,Ms, Gertrude Leblanc for telling it like it is, Jake Kimmel for always having my back and a well tuned guitar, John George for give the bus a home in Detroit and veterans a mission between national disasters , Jordan Brady, for being That Jordan Brady! Jake Wood, For being That Jake Wood! Keven Curley, For the property to launch our first veterans green disaster response effort into New Orleans and build our first Net Zero home, Willie Nelson For the sound track and first load of bio diesel, Michael Bowman the best mentor to say few words but make all the difference when it counts, Veterans For Peace, for being veterans for peace. Plenty International and United Peace Relief, Common Ground Relief, Common Ground Medical Clinic, Veterans Green Jobs, Team Rubicon, Veterans For Peace Chapter 115,

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