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Wausua Herald - Biodiesel Kit Manufacturer Feature

Wausau Herald special on biodiesel kit manufacturer

This video is several years old.

Over that tune pricing of Diesel has fluctuated several times on average in the US.

In 2005 several natural disasters along the Gulf of Mexico and coastal oil pipeline and production infrastructures initially focused interest in renewable green fuels.

Ongoing wars and lack of political support limited investment and when the price dropped and new technologies made pumping oil in US controlled waters politically expediency won over a ongoing and expanding costs with increased frequency and intensity

Only a politically avoidable environmental disasters can be solved politically if it is to be solved.

During the 20 years. The sustainable biodiesel industry has been sustainable. Though not nearly as profitable as the oil industry financial and politically motivated anti free market interests have created restrictions.

Because of the sustainable fuels market is international the technology developed by small scale manufacturers have been able to hold onto their companies and develop production methods that meat and in sone cases exceed industry and government fuel production and safety standards.

What has also been true the last twenty years is that you can fuel a small fleet of vehicle and equipment using locally sourced oil. Oil that requires no drilling, toxic fracking chemicals or massive refineries to produce and secure in transit from all of its sources world side.

I was in the US Navy. Service 6 months in the Straight of Hormuz Persian gulf. The only thing I and several thousand other sailor of s fleet of ship and aircraft and submarines did was baby sit oil tanks. While Very few were headed to the US in 1983 there were no other countries warship providing security for their shipments of oil.

Fast forward to tomorrow. The next disaster and increase in fuel costs. Just be glad we back to pre war time security operations like I was doing 40 years ago.

40 years ago the price of a gallon of diesel was under a dollar. It’s 4 times that now on a good day with no disaster or demand like a pandemic.

Now let’s toss in more Hurricanes on our already weakened infrastructure and you know where the price will go next.

By making small high quality biodiesel from locally source feed stocks the price of sustainable biodiesel production has remained consistent while quality has increased.

While this market has been
ignored, impaired, and insulted by its critics, it hasn’t gone anywhere.

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