Veterans Green Villages

Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.

Since returning from Team Rubicon's response to Hurricane Sandy in Rockaway, New York. 

The Veterans Green Bus Project Goal's have been to create a Veteran lead incubator for volunteer housing, job training and sustainable small business incubation with an emphasis on working with the community on blight removal projects for disaster preparedness training.

Our mission to use energy solutions for training in OSHA, FEMA, ICS Red Cross, DOI and Team Rubicon National Certifications to address dead and dangerous trees, vegetative overgrowth, blight & deconstruction debris removal, reconstruction of existing housing and build new models for redeveloping blighted communities with attractive multi-use public spaces, surrounded by small homes urban farms and artist live work studios connected to a cultural center and local business district.

After 5 years of developing a network of community organization partnerships working with the City to  organize and safely manage volunteers addressing basic blight removal needs on private property in Northwest Detroit has attracted national media attention that has fostered new investments and partnerships.

This last year,

Resurge Detroit, INC, ModEco Development, Flag Star Bank donated the Shipping container Farm in and BOX.

100th Grease Monkey has invested in our ability to collect filter used cooking oil to fuel our Dodge 3500.

They are also developing restaurant filtering system to give us to test and develop jobs training programs for veterans to convert, maintain and service diesel vehicles and emergency power and heating equipment to use cooking oil as fuel.

We used the Dodge 3500 truck, trailer and heavy equipment to respond to Hurricane Harvey in South West Texas for 5 weeks. The trip used 400 gallons of used cooking oil. Saving $1,200

After searching for the right community economic development corporation to help bring our goals mission and from proofs of concepts to fully operational business plans and services Veterans Green Village Detroit, Bus and Farm Projects are gpoing to create and privately help corporation with common and prefered stock. That money will be used to fund the property pirchaces, sustainable energy systems and rebuilding costs to house, feed train veterans to incubate their own sustainable lbusiness or retirement living plan and the time to execute it.

Our next steps complete the urban farm, training center and equipment yard purchases.

Building and model tiny farm house while we complete the engineering for the volunteer housing and commercial kitchen. 

Our goal to be fully operational sustainable boot camp for disaster and rebuilding within two years of our funding.

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