Veterans Green Villages

Building a sustaianble future with veteran leadership.

What we have been up to lately and what we need.

The Veterans Green Bus, AKA, Large Marge is a biodiesel and waste vegetable oil fuel disaster relief vehicle. We use it to demonstrate sustainable energy solutions for disaster response.

Our veterans designed and converted the bus so that they can continue to serve the country by providing aid and comfort people effected by natural disasters. 

We have taken her from Arizona to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Detroit, New York, Pennsylvania , Roanoke, VA. ( Hurricane Sandy ) and across the country via West VA, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and we are now in Oregon. 

During the trip we worked with Veterans Green Jobs to teach veterans about sustainability. and Team Rubicon after hurricane Sandy hauling in tools supplies and volunteers form Chicago. 

We set up their forward operating base in Rockaway, New York where hosted President Bill Clinton, his daughter Chelsea and the Clinton Global Initiative to assisted thousands of residence effected by the storm.

We have had our challenges. A starter motor fire in VA almost ended our efforts to use the bus.. However, quick action by the veterans saved the day 

The forty foot long Crown Super Coach is in Kelso Washington in Kent's Custom Diesel shop for servicing.

From here we will go to Netroots nation to promote the bus as a vehicle for changing perspectives of veterans and disaster relief.

We are a 501C3 non profit made up of veterans dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions for disaster relief.

Please give what you can and/or share this link with your Facebook friends.


Gordon Soderberg (AKA) The Green Veteran

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The Veterans Green Bus


1912 speech Rudolph Diesel, developer of the first diesel engine said, “…The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today, but such oils may become, in the course of time, as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time.”

With fuel costs at a premium, getting volunteers tools and supplies to a from a disaster zone hinders effective volunteer disaster response capabilities.

To reduce the cost of fuel for organization's transporting tools, supplies and volunteers up to 90%.

Veterans continuing their service by helping communities recover from natural disasters with sustainable energy solutions by reducing the cost of responding to natural and man made disasters by demonstrating sustainable solutions including bio diesel, WVO and solar.

The Veterans Green Bus will provide sustainable transportation fuel and electrical power for first responders In the event a national disaster occurs.

Demonstrate how to produce emergency fuel for transportation, emergency generators and off road equipment from used cooking oil.

Train veterans in operating the veterans green bus, maintain base facilities and generate alternative energy to power transportation, communications.

Train veterans to document the project using the latest digital media technologies
Serve the community at large by providing emergency aid while demonstrating sustainable energy solutions.

The processes of collecting, cleaning and filtering the oil and converting engines will be demonstrated for local schools, businesses and community volunteer organizations and governments.

In the event a national disaster occurs, The Veterans Green Bus will provide sustainable power, communications for partnering disaster response organizations.

#1 Demonstrate how we convert school buses trucks and equipment to use Waste Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel.

#2 Employ veterans to assist disaster relief organizations with their vehicle conversions.

#3 Support a network of green disaster relief organizations and fueling sites.

We are a group of veterans that believe in our continued service the this country by demonstrating sustainable energy use for disaster relief.
We are raising money for two project goals.


We need $2,500 for the Completed engine maintenance and $5,000 for new tires.

We will need $25,000 to build the alternative energy systems to become fully functional as a sustainable disaster relief vehicle.

Finally we will need to make it functional to do more than just carry tools to respond to natural disasters.

We will need to be able to transport and feed the veterans who will use it as an office and barracks.
This budget will be developed after field testing during a disaster relief effort.

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